Holidays journal
Day 1: home , sleep
Day 2 rain, off to the shop to buy some bass strings and have a chat with 3 friends in the music shop.
Day 3: family lunch: ratatouille, evening drinks with friends in the old town. Drove back home after 4 rum and coke and 3 pints!
Day 4: sleep and off to a friend’s bthday ; the food was amazing and the cake was a” piece montee”, my favourite one. Got drunk but wasn’t driving this time.
Day 5: Day 1 in villa in Roquefor les pins. We re here for one week to look after the dog while our friends are away. Spacious villa with a huge garden and swimming pool, a pond with fish and a huge TV screen. I m loving it. I took my bass and guitar and practise and swim and play volley ball with Benji, the dog. I m in the pool and he stays out and throws the ball at me. The score varies and my mum is the referee. Our friends left a fridge full of food.
I m realy enjoying it. It s a real retreat. My room overlooks the swimming pool . It has a door and the pool is two metres away from the room.
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